High-roller’s winning streak continues in federal fraud sentencing

John L. Smith, CDC Gaming Reports |  August 16, 2023 8:00 PM

I’m not sure that it would be wise these days for Robert Alexander to be caught throwing his money around in Las Vegas Strip casinos, but I am convinced the luck would be in his favor if he did.

Alexander, known as guy who used millions in investment capital in his online-gaming company, Kizzang, LLC, to fund a high-rolling lifestyle that included blowing a pile of money at Las Vegas casinos, has once again seen his sentencing on securities and wire fraud delayed by a federal judge in New York due to his poor health. Me thinks he’s allergic to prison.

By my count, it’s at least the third delay in his sentencing by U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter Jr. in New York’s Southern District. His next dice roll of destiny is set for November 29, 2023, but Carter has already acknowledged that he’s amenable to pushing the sentencing to November 2024.

Did I mention he pleaded guilty in January 2020 to bilking 53 Kizzang investors out of at least $9 million?

As tough-talking U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman described it, “Alexander betrayed his investors and spent their funds to support his lifestyle, including gambling excursions to multiple casinos and a luxury car for one of his family members. Robert Alexander now faces serious time in prison for gaming his investors.”

Uh, no he doesn’t. At least, not yet. And at this rate, maybe never. If the guy is still too ill to travel, so ill that the judge appeared to waste little court time questioning yet another sentencing delay in the case, then maybe someone should stop pretending and let him serve his time at home. Or just send him a get-well card and call it a day.

At the time the SEC put Kizzang on the shelf next to so many other internet companies that turned out to be new-age investor scams, the federal securities police concluded that “Alexander used Kizzang bank accounts as his personal piggy bank, misappropriating at least $1.3 million to pay for, among other things, his daily living expenses, his daughter’s culinary-school tuition, his mortgage and car payments, and his gambling habits.” 

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