Nevada voters deserve an apology for 2020 election lies

Nevada voters deserve an apology for 2020 election lies

It seems like only yesterday that former President Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was leading the chorus of election deniers and making a full-throated endorsement of Nevada secretary of state candidate Jim Marchant.

It was, in fact, in November 2021 during a Republican fundraiser at a Henderson country club that the two fraud promoters stood side by side with their thumbs up and their heads high. The cult of election denialism was in full bluster that night.

It was an evening that saw Republican State Party Chairman and snake oil salesman supreme Michael McDonald once again malign Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske for working “on behalf of Democrats.” Cegavske was only doing her duty when she stood up to the GOP’s shameful campaign of prevarication. The longtime Republican refused to buckle to the pressure in the wake of the 2020 election despite a series of specious lawsuits and increasing vitriol from the party to which she had dedicated so much of her public life. She endured an insulting censure from Nevada’s Trump zealots.

Marchant’s unwavering fealty toward Trump makes him an easy character to parody. Write off his candidacy as a joke if you’d like, but remember that he lost to Cisco Aguilar in the 2022 general election by just 2.28 percent of the vote. Such was the staying power of Trump’s big lie about widespread voter fraud. It’s undeniably clear that most of its traveling promoters knew that was so when they graffitied our democracy in battleground states with their character assassinations and slanders about election department heads and voting machines.

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